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A Community & Dating App built by widows for widows
Launching 4th July!

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After a successful launch in the UK, we’ve listened to feedback and by popular demand we will be launching in Australia  this July!

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There are more than a million widows and widowers in Australia

More than 20,000 widows are under 50 years old

Meet people who have experienced loss with support and compassion

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After the initial shock, grief and heartache in losing your life partner and having your life irrevocably change, widows will inevitably take steps to move forward and find new meaning in life… a Chapter 2.

This can be mean friendship, companionship, dating or physical comfort, it means different things to different people.


Using mainstream friendship and dating apps are a little like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Widows and widowers are uniquely placed to understand the other parties' point of view and respect their need to grieve and mourn what has gone before.

Chapter 2 will be a dedicated app exclusively for widows and widowers with a community, forum, dating and friendship platform.


Chapter 2, launching July

Sign up for free two month Premium Access trial on launch.

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